Colt Hockey Sticks

Mountain High Hockey is very excited to be teaming up with Colt Hockey to provide our clients with a great savings opportunity on the latest in hockey stick technology. Colt uses a special Nickel Cobalt (NiCo) coating on it's sticks that increases it's durability over regular composite sticks without adding weight or sacrificing feel. What you get is a stick that is proven to be 50% stronger than a regular carbon fiber stick and with the cost of sticks being what it is that can never be a bad thing. We will have a couple sticks for our students to try out at our summer camps this June so you'll be able to feel the difference yourself. Use the discount code "mountainhighhockey" and get $20 off on stick purchases at  Make sure to check out the video of the Colt guys on Dragon's Den below (Canada's version of Shark Tank).

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