Get to know European Hockey

I get a lot of questions about what the European hockey experience is all about. Things like, Why are there are so many sponsors on the jerseys? How are the fans? How are the rinks? The list usually goes on and on. The most common questions people always ask are, What's the difference between all of the leagues?  or What is the quality of hockey like? 

I often compare European Hockey to NCAA college basketball. You have your power conferences, mid majors and then some weaker conferences. The beauty of it all is that as a North American player you are going to have one of the best life experiences imaginable no matter what league you end up playing in. Starting next week we are going to introduce our 'Get to know European Hockey' series where we will introduce you to the different European Pro Leagues, and spotlight different teams from each league. 

If any of our readers wants us to spotlight their favorite team or is curious about a certain league feel free to leave suggestions in the comment section below and we'll try to make it happen.