Cody Lampl and the Fischtown Pinguins faceoff against the Hamburg Freezers

The European Hockey exhibition season is all set to kick off this week as teams begin to prepare for the upcoming season. For those unfamiliar with European hockey, players typically arrive late July or the first week of August for training camp. Training camp usually lasts the entire month of August with two a day practices, team building and plenty of exhibition games to get the guys prepared. It can get to be a long month but it also is great because it allows all the North American players a chance to get acquainted to the new culture without having to worrying about jumping right in the season. 

Cody Lampl and the Fiscthown Pinguins of the DEL2 have a great exhibition game scheduled against the Hamburg Freezers of the DEL. It will be a great test for the Pinguins as the Freezers play in the top German league. Think of it as and AHL versus NHL scenario between the two clubs. 

We also have the first quote from Lamps of the season. Get used to seeing this a lot with google translate. I had a good chuckle anyway. 

"Especially Cody Lampl wants a cost to measure. Lampl: "In this game I'm on fire. I hate to lose it, and we will give everything to the hard training week still be able to muster the strength to annoy the Hamburg Freezers somewhat."

A huge good luck to Lamps as he opens his European career. 

For all you Colorado College fans, former Tiger great and Hobey Baker winner Marty Sertich plays for Hamburg.