May 29 - June 4 MHH Player Lesson Availability

Hello MHH Player Club members, 

Our Colorado Springs camp is right around the corner. With full access to the Colorado College facilities, Joey Carroll and Cody Lampl will be leading our players through a weekend full of skill development. Click here for more information. 

Here are the lesson times for the upcoming week. (All Ice Ranch times require a $12 ice fee).

Joey Carroll

Monday, May 29 - N/A
Tuesday, May 30 - 6am @ Ice Ranch, 1:30pm @ Honnen
Wednesday, May 31- 1:30pm @ Honnen, 7pm & 8pm @ Air Force
Thursday, June 1 -  1:30pm @ Honnen
Friday, June 2  - 4:30pm & 5:30pm @ Ice Ranch
Saturday, June 3  -12:30pm @ Honnen,  3:30pm & 4:45pm @ Ice Ranch
Sunday, June 4  - TBD

You can contact to book your lesson. 

Cody Lampl

Friday, June 2 - 6am & 7am @ Ice Ranch
Saturday, June 3 - 3:30pm & 4:45pm @ Ice Ranch
Sunday June 4 - 7:45am, 8:45am & 9:45am @ Monument Ice Rinks

You can contact to book your time. 

*An additional ice rental fee is required for ice sessions at the Ice Ranch ($12) , Edge ($10) , Sports Stable ($12) , Honnen ($7) and Monument Ice Rinks ($12) . MHH will pay their own fee. You are responsible for yours. 

*By booking a lesson you are agreeing to our 24 hour lesson cancellation policy. An automatic ice fee of $12 will be charged for all lesson cancellations.