Players Club: Nov. 4-10 Lesson Availability


Hello MHH Players Club Members,

Coach Joey Carroll will now be out at the MHH Skill pad on Monday's from 4-6pm for private/small group lessons. 

Here are the current lesson openings for next week.  

Matt Zaba

Friday, Nov. 9  -  4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm @ MHH Skill Pad (Sniper School)
Saturday, Nov. 10 - 10am, 11:15am, 12:30pm 

You can contact to book your time.

Joey Carroll

Monday, Nov. 5- 4pm @ MHH Skill Pad
Tuesday, Nov. 6 -  5am @ Ice Ranch 
Wednesday, Nov. 7 - 6am @ DU, 9am @ Edge 
Thursday, Nov. 8 - 5am @ Ice Ranch

You can contact joey@mountainhighhockey.comto book your lesson. 

Karen Rickard 

Tuesday, Nov. 6 -  5pm & 6pm @ MHH Skill Pad 
Wednesday, Nov. 7 - 6am @ DU 

You can contact karen@mountainhighhockey.comto book your lesson. 

A $12 ice rental fee is due for all MHH Coaches Ice times. 

By booking a lesson you are agreeing to our 24 hour cancellation policy.