Feb. 11-17 Players Club Lesson Availability

Hello MHH Players Club Members,

A reminder to everyone that our Sun Valley Custom Jerseys deadline is March 31st. Also, there will not be 4pm ice on Friday the 9th or 16th due to tournaments.

 Here is the lesson availability for next week. 

Joey Carroll

Sunday, February 11 - N/A
Monday, February 12 - 5am @ Ice Ranch, 9am @ Edge, 1:30pm @ Honnen
Tuesday, February 13- 9am @ Edge, 1:30pm @ Honnen
Wednesday, February 14 -  5am @ Ice Ranch, 9am @ Edge, 1:30pm @ Honnen
Thursday, February 15 - 9am @ Edge
Friday, February 16 -  N/A
Saturday, February 17 - N/A

You can contact joey@mountainhighhockey.com to book your lesson. 

A $12 ice rental fee is due for all MHH Coaches Ice times. 

By booking a lesson you are agreeing to our 24 hour cancellation policy.