Goalie Club: March 17 - 23 Lesson Openings


Latest News:

Hello GC members, 

The MHH GC staff will be unavailable on next Tuesday evening for lessons as we will be in charge of running the on ice portion of the Colorado Combine.

Tate Maris will be gone this Thursday-Sunday as he is traveling with CC to their playoff series against Western Michigan.

Camp Updates:

If you are still planning on signing up for our Colorado Springs Goalie Camp and want your custom jersey we are able to push back the order to the end of next week. If you want your goalie to have their name and number please do not miss this deadline.

If you want to be put on the waitlist for any of the camps that are currently sold out, please reach out to goalies@mountainhighhockey.com.

Spring/Summer Mini Camp Update:

April: Squirts - 1 spot left, PW/Bantam - sold out

May - Squirts - 6, PW/Bantam - sold out

June - Squirts - 5, PW/Bantam - 5

Little Tendys - sold out

March 17-23: Lesson Openings:

Please contact goalies@mountainhighhockey.com to book your lesson.

Matt Zaba

Sunday, March 17 - 8am, 9am, 10am @ MHH Skill Pad Monday, March 18  - N/A Tuesday, March 19 -  5am @ Ice Ranch
Wednesday, March 20 - N/A Thursday, March 21 - 4pm & 6:15pm @ MHH Skill Pad Friday, March 22  - 4pm & 6:15pm @ MHH Skill Pad
Saturday, March 23 - 9am, 10am, 11:15am, 12:15pm @ MHH Skill Pad

Tate Maris

Sunday, March 17 - N/A Monday, March 18  - 6:15pm @ MHH Skill Pad Tuesday, March 19 -  5am @ MHH Skill Pad
Wednesday, March 20 - 6am @ DU Thursday, March 21 - 5am @ Ice Ranch Friday, March 22  - 5am & 7am @ Ice Ranch
Saturday, March 23 - N/A

Brent Seidel

Sunday, March 17 - 11:15am, 12:15pm @ MHH Skill Pad Tuesday, March 19 -  5pm and 6pm @ MHH Skill Pad

*An additional ice rental fee of $12 is required for all ice sessions.  

*By booking a lesson you are agreeing to our 24 hour lesson cancellation policy.