May 8-14 MHH Colorado Goalie Club Lesson Availability

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Hello MHH Goalie Club members, 

The Ice Ranch is back to 2 sheets so our goalie power skating class is back on Wednesday at 6am. 

As a reminder, our first Goalie Camp of the summer is right around the corner in Fort Collins, Colorado. You can click here for all the details. (only 4 spots remain).
Here's the lesson availability for the upcoming week.  

Matt Zaba 

Monday, May 8 - 8:15am @ Ice Ranch
Tuesday, May 9- 5am @ Ice Ranch
Wednesday, May 10 - 5am and 7am @ Ice Ranch
Thursday, May 11-  4:30pm @ Honnen
Friday, May 12-  8:15am @ Ice Ranch
Saturday, May 13- Full
Sunday, May 14 -  7:45am, 8:45am and 9:45am @ Monument Ice Rinks

You can contact to book your lesson. 

Tate Maris

Monday, May 8 - 5am and 7am @ Ice Ranch
Tuesday, May 9 - 9am and 12pm @ Edge
Wednesday, May 10 -7am @ Ice Ranch, 9am @ Edge, 3:45pm @ Big Bear (EVO only)
Thursday, May 11 - 1:30pm @ Honnen
Friday, May 12 -  5am and 7am @ The Ice Ranch, 3:45pm @ Big Bear
Saturday, May 13 -  6:30am and 7:30am @ Monument Ice Rinks
Sunday, May 14 - 7:30am, 8:30am and 9:30am @ Monument Ice Rinks

You can contact to book your lesson.

Alex Leclerc

Saturday, May 13 -  12:15pm @ Honnen 
Sunday, May 14 -  
7:45am, 8:45am and 9:45am @ Monument Ice Rinks

You can contact to book your lesson.


*An additional ice rental fee is required for ice sessions at the Ice Ranch ($12) , Edge ($10) , Sports Stable ($12) , Honnen ($7) and Monument Ice Rinks ($12) . MHH will pay their own fee. You are responsible for yours.