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Monday Morning Skate

We hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. As always, there was lots of hockey going on with Cody Lampl and many of our former teammates in action overseas.

Fischtown Pinguins win the Arena Cup. Beat Rosenheim 7-3

Pinguins gewinnen das Finale des Arena Cup in Ritten mit 7:3 gegen die Starbulls Rosenheim

Posted by Fischtown Pinguins on Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Fischtown Pinguins beat Starbulls Rosenheim 7-3 to win the Arena Cup. Jordan Owens led the offense for the Pinguins scoring a hat trick. In the consolation game, Rittner Buam beat Villach 2-0. 

Cody scores again. Fischtown advances to the Arena Cup Final

Cody Lampl and the Fischtown Pinguins beat the host Rittner Buam in a shootout to advance to the final of the Arena Cup. Lamps scored a goal and maybe got in another fight judging by a tweet sent from the Rittner account. Hopefully we'll get some highlights to see what happened. 

The Pinguins will play Starbulls Rosenheim who beat Villach in the other semifinal game. 

Lampl heads to Italy to compete in the Arena Cup

Arena Ritten - the host of this weekends Arena Cup. 

Arena Ritten - the host of this weekends Arena Cup. 

Cody Lampl continues his tour of Europe with the Fischtown Pinguins as the team is in Northern Italy to compete in the Arena Cup this weekend. Located in Ritten-Renon Italy, the tournament features the host team Rittner Buam (Serie A- Italy), VSV VIllach (EBEL-Austria), Starbulls Rosenheim (DEL2-Germany) and the Fischtown Pinguins (DEL2-Germany). European Hockey loves these type of mini tournaments during the pre-season. Lamps and the Pinguins open the weekend against the host Rittner Buam on Friday night. If they win, they advance to the final on Saturday night. A lose and they play in the consolation game. We'll keep you posted on how the team makes out. 

For all our Colorado College fans, former Tiger Andrew Canzanello plays for VSV Villach.